From Labor and Delivery to Mom/Baby

I got to rock baby Will a few nights ago in the nursery while Alexa was moved down from Labor and Delivery to Mother/Baby. That sure was fun.

He sure needed the love and attention after the traumatizing bath.

Not all the poking and prodding was as traumatizing, though. He was content for some of it.

In Mom/Baby

Since we’ve moved from Labor and Delivery to Mom/Baby, we’ve had a fair amount of adventures. I’m sure we “haven’t seen nothing yet”, but…

Well, for example, I love sleep, and sleeping is a more complicated affair here (it will likely be more complicated for the foreseeable future…). This is my bed.

Or, rather, this is my bed.

I am ready to leave the accommodations here at the hospital for my bed back at home.

At least the food is better here than it was in Labor and Delivery. In fact, the hospital has a sort of room service that has brought Alexa wonderful meals (as the father, I even get a complimentary mean during our stay), and the nurses have all been incredible.

We also had another rite of passage, at least for fathers and sons in the Larsen family. Baby Will does not yet appreciate having his diaper changed, and Alexa thought that we could make the experience easier by having him lay on Mom’s legs while Dad did the changing.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

While the diaper was open, Will, with all the water pressure a 18-hour old child can muster, urinated all over his mom with a golden arc that, at it’s apex, shot right over his head (I was very proud). If you look closely below, you can even see droplets in Will’s hair.

To add insult to injury, he pooped on his swaddling blanket while we were dealing with the urine situation. Ah, parenthood. The silver lining was that it was the hospital’s swaddling blanket, and so “clean up” meant rolling it up and throwing it into the dirty laundry bag. I’m fine learning that lesson (to change diapers more quickly) on someone else’s linens.

Friends and Family

He was born into a family where so many already love him. We’ve had video chats with my family in California, and we’ve gotten some fun visits.

For one, Alexa’s mom has been able to be here with us in Provo, and will stay with us for a couple weeks.

And could baby fever be spreading among our other visitors? Who can tell? Husbands and boyfriends, beware!


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