I’ve heard multiple calls for more pictures, and thought I might oblige today!

The Trip Home

Before going home, we decided to put baby Will in a cute “go-home” outfit.

I did the honors.

With the clothes on, we were ready to get into the car seat.

We made it home from the hospital in one piece!

A New Way of Life

Because we’ll be moving to Washington in a few weeks, we decided not to set up the crib. Instead, we’re having baby sleep in our pack ‘n play.

More Friends Visiting

We had some of “Miss Alexa’s” friends come and visit yesterday. One of them really enjoyed holding baby Will.

Her little sister was curious for a moment…

…but then decided it would be more fun to tackle me.

I was unprotected because the women were busy taking pictures while I fought for my life.

But how could you not take pictures of something this cute?

What a fun day!

We’ll get some more pictures up. We haven’t taken as many as we did in the hospital because we are always tired 🙂


2 responses »

  1. Carley says:

    Such a fun day! Darling pictures. And Dan, don’t be ashamed you had to fight for your life against a two year old. You weren’t the first, and you won’t be the last 🙂

  2. I had no idea you two had a baby! That’s super exciting! He’s a handsome little boy. Congratulations!

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