New Life

Turns out all of our estimations were way off!

  • Our doctor thought early tomorrow.
  • Alexa’s mom threw her hat in with the 4am slot.
  • Alexa and I didn’t think we’d see anything before 2am.

Little Will decided to come at 10:45pm!

Because these things are important, here are the measurements and information:

  • 8 lbs, 14 ounces heavy
  • 20.5 inches long
  • Born 21 March 2012 at 10:45pm

We’re not sure who’s genetics won out quite yet – I figure we can let the grandparents argue about those things.

Who would like to meet him?

Down the Chute

Around 10:30pm, Alexa was starting to wonder whether or not to get a bigger dose of pain medication. The doctor and nurse came in to talk about it, and decided to check her progress. To all our astonishment, she was at 10 cm!

They made preparations to start the pushing, with the (mostly) bald head already starting to crown. With two or three rounds of pushing, he was all the way out and on the way to getting his first rub down.

He did not enjoy it…

…but calmed down enough to get a good shot or two.

We even had a little conversation!

Just look at that cute, misshapen head!

Alexa is doing just fine. She, as all mothers, will certainly have some recovery ahead of her, but she is just glowing.

But They, While Their Companions Slept…

One of my favorite poems includes the stanza:

The heights of great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight
But they, while their companions slept
Were toiling upwards in the night

I fear that “toiling upwards in the night” will be our lot.

Our doctor came to check up on us, and as he was walking out, Alexa asked,

“So, we probably won’t have this baby till tomorrow, huh?”

And the doctor replied,

“Oh, we’re definitely going to be having this baby tomorrow.”

He told us that normally, after being dilated to 4 cm, you gain a centimeter an hour. We’re still at 4 cm, and that puts us at least into the wee hours of the morning

We may or may not make it till 9am or 10am tomorrow. When Alexa was born, her mom was in labor for 21 hours. We’ve been going for almost 10 so far. Who knows! It’s all good, because I have my recliner to sleep on.

In other news, we’re watching (on cable TV) “Friends” episodes from season 1, namely the one where Ross goes to lamaze class with Carol and her partner. Carol just expressed concern about going through with the pregnancy. When Ross tried to reassure her, she screamed,

“What do you know? No one’s going up to you and saying, ‘Hi, is that your nostril? Mind if we push this pot roast through it?!”


We’ve also gotten a visitor! A visitor bearing gifts! (of chocolate cigars and toffee suckers)

Alexa’s mom arrived today. She flew in from California for a few weeks to help out. After settling in, she stopped by to hang out for a bit.

With her contacts out, we’re ready to hunker in for the night. At least we have each other!

All Downhill From Here

Things have been moving pretty smoothly today!

Soon after getting the Oxytocin, Alexa’s contractions were speeding up, and within a few minutes they were coming every two minutes. To pass the time, I walked down the hall to grab Alexa some ice. Our room is probably the best on the floor for raiding the ice room, which is conveniently stocked with not only ice chips but snow cone flavoring (they offer lime, tiger’s blood, cherry, and orange). Needless to say, Alexa was pleased.

It wasn’t too long, though, before the fun and games were over. Contractions were getting more painful, and Alexa’s happy face was soon replaced by something a bit closer to “IV Face”.

To make matters worse, the in-room DVD player does not work. Avid “Friends” fans, we had grand plans to work through season 8 during the long hours of labor and delivery. Alas, it was not to be. The video cord of the ancient DVD player had a short. We could hear everything, but seeing was something else all together.

We decided to put “Friends” on my computer, but I’m not sure how much it helped at that point…

Alexa was a trooper, but it soon came time to make things a little less painful. The anesthesiology came to the rescue, and around 5:45 the epidural was up and running. Now all is right with the world.

We’re Having a Baby!

We came into the hospital today to get a non-stress test. The baby is due tomorrow, and it’s a normal procedure to make sure everything is going well.

While everything was pretty much A-OK, the baby had what I think is called a “late deceleration” (a minor drop in heart rate). Our doctor said everything was just fine, but it was probably enough to get us started. When he asked us if we wanted to be admitted, we said yes!

They admitted Alexa, hooked up an IV to start Oxytocin (to kick-start labor) around noon, and broke her water (which is nice, because they can’t send us home after that).

She was very brave when they put in her IV (though she did make a face that will now forever be known as “IV Face” if and when it reappears).

Here she is, telling about it all:

Wish us luck!

Moving Time

The family that we’ve been house-sitting for for the past 18 months will finally fly home Monday night, and that means these past few weeks (and what’s left of this weekend) have been busy!

We’ve been living upstairs in the master bedroom since they left. This part one of the moving process (closely followed by part two in just a few weeks) has been us getting all our junk downstairs so that when they come home from their mission, it can feel like home (or as much as it can feel like home with two squatters living downstairs!). As we do that, we’ve also been boxing up what we can and preparing for baby at the same time.

(Can you believe that we’re now buying perishables that have expiration dates after when the baby is due? That is just all kinds of crazy. But we’re so ready!)

And I’m crossing my fingers that my marriage can survive mine and my wife’s different standards of cleanliness (I’m much more slovenly) as we clean for the home owners.